Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms – Websites And Apps For Trading Cryptocurrency

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There are numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms out there. I’ve already covered two in previous articles, Coinbase and Today, we’ll look at some more.

Some of these are available worldwide. If you have a serious interest in using one of these platforms, and you are not in the US, please check it out.


I use this wallet to store my BAT, Basic Attention Token. It is also tied to my Brave web browser, which I use on my phone. This very website is on the Brave Rewards program using BAT and is attached to my Uphold wallet.

Instead of an actual wallet, Uphold uses cards, kind of like There are a variety of cards for holding different altcoin deposits. Mine is a USD card. It stays on the website; I don’t intend to hold a physical card.

My USD card holds $6.68 in BAT value, which is currently 28.718343336412355412 BAT.

Partner apps for Uphold are Brave, Hedged Bitcoin, and CredEarn.

Through Uphold, you can buy cryptocurrency with fiat money, sell crypto for fiat money, exchange one currency for another, transfer funds to a different card, and send funds to other users.

Genesis Global Trading, Inc

I do not have an account with Genesis at this time. It’s not that I don’t want one; I’d like to have an account with every platform that I cover, but all that would be too much to keep track of. Sorry.

Genesis describes itself as offering over the counter, (OTC), digital currency trading for institutional buyers and sellers.

Genesis Global Trading, Inc. provides access to block size liquidity for high net worth individuals or institutions looking to buy or sell digital currency.

Perhaps they believe that by using highfalutin terminology, lowlifes like me will be unable to understand their business ethic. Well, I do understand. I understand that they want to work with the rich and with companies.

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They only work with seven different currencies, including Bitcoin. If you are wanting to hook up with these guys, here are their rules: Transactions must be a minimum of $75,000.

Yep. Shall we move on?

SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest is more than just a cryptocurrency platform. They also will allow you to invest in stock bits. So if you want to invest in a company’s stock through SoFi, you don’t need to buy a whole share, just a bit.

They allow you to choose between managing your own investments or allowing them to do it for you. Whichever method you choose, be sure and read all agreements before checking the box. In a few cases, it’s not necessary to agree, so look out for these little tricks.

I followed the signup process all the way until it demanded my soul, I mean until I couldn’t understand it. Best not to sign legal documents regarding your income if you don’t completely understand.

SoFi says, SoFi helps people achieve financial independence to realize their ambitions. Our products for borrowing, saving, spending, investing, and protecting give our more than half a million members fast access to tools to get their money right. SoFi membership comes with the key essentials for getting ahead, including career advisors and connection to a thriving community of like-minded, ambitious people. Whether they’re looking to buy a home, save money on student loans, grow in their careers, or invest in the future, the SoFi community works to empower our members to accomplish the goals they set and achieve financial independence as a result.

At the moment, SoFi is hiring, so if you’re smart, check it out. Let us know if we should sign that scary legal documentation.

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Roundly X

RoundlyX is one of those programs that lets you invest your spare change. You connect your account to your debit card and your Coinbase account.

Roundly requires you to have a Coinbase account, because that is where it puts your crypto.

You spend money with your card, and RoundlyX rounds the purchase price up to the next dollar, putting the extra change into the cryptocurrency of your choice. You can elect to have these roundups multiplied to build up crypto faster.

You can also buy cryptocurrency as you would with Coinbase, directly. As with Coinbase, you can also set up recurring monthly investments. On a set date each month, an amount of fiat currency will be taken from your bank account and invested into crypto. (Coinbase has better options for this feature).

Although RoundlyX is a creation of Coinsavage, it seems more like an addon to Coinbase, in my opinion. That doesn’t mean it’s good or bad.

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BlockFi is an interesting platform; it’s like a bank for crypto, which includes the benefits of interest and loans.

Just store your crypto at BlockFi and earn interest paid out in Bitcoin, Ether, and Gemini Dollar (GUSD) every month. The BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) enables individuals and companies that own cryptoassets to earn interest on their cryptocurrency held at BlockFi.

Signing up for an account takes less than 2 minutes and clients can start earning interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Gemini Dollar (GUSD) the same day.

If you’d like a loan, BlockFi usually lets you know within one business day whether or not you’ve qualified.

They will give you a loan in USD, holding your cryptocurrency as collateral. BlockFi lets you use your Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin to do things like buying a house, pay off debts, or fund a business without having to sell your digital assets.

That’s It For Now

So, which platform is the best for you? Like many people, do you have more than one? Are you still having doubts about crypto, in general? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms – Websites And Apps For Trading Cryptocurrency

  1. Thanks for the information about Cryptocurrency from your own experience. I am mostly heard about bitcoin trading and also popular name in the U.S. I don’t know why some people are not using the right thing. These people outside use the name bitcoin but in other motives to trick people. I hope more people can understand in deep about Cryptocurrency that has a value if it is truly that it is.

  2. Thank you for this very informative article. I was interested in starting in just one to see how it works. After reading your post I choose BlockFi, it seems awesome that they take only one business day to see whether you qualify for a loan.
    But I’m still scared by all those blogs online stating that “yes, you can make money, but you will never get it out of that system!”
    Have you tried taking out money from any of the accounts you openend?
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Jan. I’ve never had any problems with Coinbase. A family friend withdrew a couple hundred thousand once, but I don’t know what platform he used. Best wishes with BlockFi!

  3. I have done bitcoin with Hashflare but did not get nowhere with it. This is really good advice for people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

  4. This post has taught me a lot about cryptocurrency thank you. Although I am into forex trading it is interesting to have this information.

    It is interesting to know Roundly X is a very generous platform which rounds your dollars up. Cool stuff.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Thabo. I’m going to look more into forex and write about it somewhere. Unless you’d like to write a guest article. For free. Because. I’m poor. 🙂

  5. Hi there,
    I found you post about all the different cryptocurrency platforms very informative. Over the past couple of years this kind of thing has been everywhere, yet I have never seriously looked into it (probably because every other person on social media seems to be promoting/selling it, which has kind of made me presume it’s a scam or something).
    Anyway, you have made me see it in a different light as you are explaining it much more intelligently and in more detail.
    Thing is, I’m still not sure whether to use it as I literally know nobody who does. Maybe this is because I’m in the UK, or just not in those circles. Do you think it is a good thing? Do you use it personally? I’m guessing you do as you have looked into so many companies.

    1. Hi Stefanie! Cryptocurrency is as big in the UK as it is anywhere. There is a man at my church – his son and several of his friends invested in an altcoin, I can’t remember which one, and they gained thousands. One guy had over a million, but the coin nose-dived. They all still made huge gains. The key is to keep a close eye on investment trends. Like with stock investments, there’s always a risk, but if you follow what’s happening, it’s easier to cash out than a share of some large company. No broker necessary. Just dip your toes in. I’ve invested a little over $200, but my son has nearly $10,000, and he keeps gaining. Erg. Best wishes!

  6. This article told me everything I needed to know about cryptocurrency..I am most familiar with bitcoin but it was really interesting learning about all the other kinds. I had no idea there were that many but good to know for future reference!

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