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JumpOnCrypto, a.k.a., Cryptocurrency For Beginners, is proud to present the Christmas 2019 version of books to help everyone learn about crypto!

Before you die of excitement, these books are going to be roughly categorized by subject material. We’ll also be sticking with more recent books, with the possible exception of histories about (whatever).

For The Complete Newbie

The Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin

In 2018, an 11-year old named Andrew Courey wrote a book on Bitcoin that even a child can understand!

He wanted to earn 20 million dollars by the time he turned 14, so that – in agreement with his parents – he could drop out of school. His dad didn’t want Andrew to actually invest in Bitcoin, but convinced his son to write a book about it, instead.

Says Andrew, “Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies if they’re willing to spend 70 to 80 hours researching every source until they find a couple sources that make sense. The whole book, in the simplest terms, is very easy to read and simple to understand.”

Crypto Currency: Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Learn Everything about: Blockchain, Bitcoin, & Ethereum

Published in February of 2018, this 40-page book takes newbies to the world of crypto wading through just enough knowledge to get comfortably started in the new digital realm.

Some reviewers say it wasn’t quite informative enough for complete beginners, but it is concise and covers the basics.

Bitcoin And Blockchain Basics Explained

Written by Englishman, James Tudor, this 96-page book promises to explain blockchain technology and all the intricacies of Bitcoin.

At the moment, for US users, Amazon will let you have the Kindle version of the book for free when you buy the paperback version.

It currently boasts a solid 5-star rating.

Investment In Crypto Currency For Beginners

Another short one, this 46-page book was published in September of 2018.

Author Eugene Black eagerly shares his knowledge of trading and investing with newcomers. His intentions with this book are to help new investors succeed in becoming successful traders.

In-Depth Focuses For Non-Experts


The Economics Book

Bitcoin Billionaires

Published November 5, 2019, this book is more than just a history of cryptocurrency. Start from Xenophon in the ancient world and work your way up to the present.

This 528-page book was written by  Steven G. Medema, who is a research professor in the Department of Economics at Duke University.

Published in May of 2019, this 278-page juicy reveal takes you right into the life and heart of the vitreous beginnings of the Bitcoin Billionaire lifestyle.

You were just hoping to make a million or two? Learn what it was like for these victims of unexpected wealth, betrayal, and redemption.

Investment Strategies

Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies

Iron out your understanding of this extremely volatile industry with this book, named after people like me, as your guide.

Released in March of 2019, this 252-page instructional guide will walk you through the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the dos and don’ts of crypto investing.

These books made especially for newbies have guided me through many new things; I highly recommend them, especially this one!

The Everything Guide To Investing In Your 20s & 30s

Totally unfair! It’s not my fault I’m too old for this book! If you are in the correct age range, (hmmph) however, this book rocks!

Published in May of 2019, this 304-page wealth of information is a must-have for all investors, well, anyone who can be considered a non-professional, anyway.

Learn how to invest safely and smartly with the latest information on cryptocurrencies and social media IPOs. Understand the current market, set realistic goals, prepare for financial success.


Ultimate Blockchain Technology

This is actually six books in one. Not bad for the price, and it’s from 2019, so it’s not old, either. Learn about blockchain, currencies, investing and mining! The price is unbelievable!

The reviews are all 5-star with strong recommendations. Excellent deal!

The Beginners Guide To Crypto Mining

At last! The beginner’s book on mining you have been looking for! Dive into the process of mining and the technology behind it.

This book covers the essentials needed for mining cryptocurrencies. It is filled with illustrations and explanations that help you learn about the exciting method of proving transactions.

Whether you want the gist of the basics or the deep depths, this book is the place to start!


Well, now you know what I want for Christmas, this year. Let us know of any recommendations we left out! Is there something else you’d like to see? Learning is fun if you enjoy the subject! Share with your friends, and we’ll see you on the blockchain!!

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14 Thoughts to “Learn About Crypto – Recommended Books”

  1. Henderson

    Well, this is exactly what I need myself right now because this will make me understand all I didn’t know about the bitcoin for a very long time. I have seen people who have invested in it for a while but I didn’t understand how it works and how to mine it as well. I would want to buy just one so please which do you personally recommend.

    1. Cattington

      Thank you for the comment and question, Henderson. It sounds like you could benefit from the second book I covered, 

      Crypto Currency: Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Learn Everything about: Blockchain, Bitcoin, & Ethereum

      Oops! lol. Sorry for the big lettering, that’s what I get for using copy and paste. 😀

  2. Marketa


    This is actually exactly what I need. Love the story about Andrew Courey and would love to get a hold of his book for my own children. 

    I’m actually a complete beginner with cryptocurrency and was wondering which of the texts you would think would be best for me. I see that the ‘Cryptocurrency for Beginners ‘wasn’t quite informative enough for complete beginners’ but did like the sound of it. What supplementary text would you recommend?

    thanks 🙂

    1. Cattington

      I’m actually thinking you and your children would all benefit from Andrew’s book. It would probably complement any other book you are interested in. Thank you so much for commenting! Enjoy your reading!

  3. John

    Oh, this is very good. Some very nice books that I can read for the holiday. There would be no better way to make the best of this Christmas if not by learning something new especially when it is something one has wanted to learn fir a long time. I will buy three of these books and go home to digest on them. I am sure that by next year, I will be really good with the cryptos.

    1. Cattington

      Excellent, John! I love reading books about new things sometimes. When we stop learning, we start dying. Enjoy the reads!

  4. Paul

    Hi Cattington,

    I have seen the ups and downs of the crypto. After some studies I believe that crypto is going to be the future.

    A recent report by the Financial Times has revealed that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund(IMF) have collaborated to launch a private blockchain network.

    I don’t know much about cryptocurrencies (yet), I am willing to learn more about it and I would like to start it from the scratch. So your article means a lot to me and it’s a greater help.

    Unfortunately in the part of the world where I live crypto is banned. However, I believe things will change.

    Information you shared about Andrew Courey is inspiring.

    I will go with your advice and “Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies” is on my list.

    1. Cattington

      That sounds great, Paul! It’s sad that crypto is banned in some places. It’s not much better, in my opinion, that other governments want full control of it. We just have to see what happens and make the best of it. Thank you for reading!

  5. Shifts

    Incredible books and I love them. Crypto currency is one of the business I have been considering for quite some time now but I am scared to hop in because I don’t know what the outcome will be considering the fact that I don’t even know anything about it. I think these books you have recommended will be able to guide us through and give us the knowledge we need to do well. I still regret not investing in Bitcoin at its early stages.

    1. Cattington

      Thank you for commenting! I’m glad you liked the article. I believe most people who know anything about Bitcoin regret having not invested early.

  6. Techie

    Hi Cattington. Thank you for sharing these amazing books with which we can learn about Crypto currencies. I must admit the fact that I love the way you grouped them. It’s really nice.

    Hats off for that 11-year old named Andrew Courey; he is so daring and has a very great vision and he probably would get there. Very nice.

    Best regards!

    1. Cattington

      Thank you for the comment! I agree with you about Andrew – amazing kid!

  7. Wow! great information on crypto. Personally, I have been interested in how this crypto thing works and now I know where I can come and get plenty of information. Great work and very informative.

    1. Thank you very much, Jesse! I hope you find lots of easy-to-understand information here on our website.

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