Personal Character Development – What Is Our Personal Investability?

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What are our hopes and dreams? What are we worth? Do we have any value? Are we worthy of investment? Do we have relevance? We invest in crypto, why not ourselves? Why not try some personal character development? We all have personal investability!

According to Investible refers to an asset in which an investment can be made. Investable refers to an asset that can be used to make an investment. In ordinary usage, cash is investable but not investible, while shares are investible but not investable.

Use either word to define yourself. Let’s go.

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The Pessimist

A pessimist generally sees himself in the lowest light possible. He might think, “I’m useless to society, but at least I’m not a pedophile”.

At least he has some personal lack of self-hatred. The pessimist doesn’t necessarily hate himself, but he despises his life.  There’s a cloud over his head that keeps him from the light of reality.

He primarily sees only his lacks and losses. He isn’t wealthy or good looking. His wife, if he has one, isn’t as pretty as others, and she has too many flaws.

His dog barks too much. His job is lame. He has no friends. Life sucks. There is little if any value in it. Maybe death is the answer. Let’s hope he doesn’t commit suicide.

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The Optimist

The optimist isn’t necessarily a narcissist. She isn’t personally the be all end all of the universe. Still, life is full of splendid opportunities.

She exudes bubbles and happiness everywhere she goes. There is a shiny pink parasol over her head that blinds her to the bright light of reality.

Her job is taking her to the top. Her husband is gorgeous and capable of the presidency. Dozens of friends are at her beck and call.

Life is magnificent! She doesn’t understand pessimism. Her dog is loving and kind. The neighbors are friendly. Death is too far away to matter.

The Realist

He refuses to shade himself from the shining heat of the obvious. He is neither stunning nor hideous. His job is adequate for the time being.

The missus is pretty and frugal enough to not break the bank. His dog stinks but doesn’t bark excessively. The neighbors are okay, although one is too nosy.

The presidency is out of reach, but he is capable of owning his own construction company if he has the right guidance.

He has plenty of good acquaintances, a few good friends, and no dangerous enemies. The car isn’t a Ferrari, but it runs well. Life needs improvement, death comes to all, and we might as well live while we’re alive.

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The Opportunist

The opportunist wants her own business but isn’t fraught with greed. She’ll keep that $100 she found on the side of the road and invest it, but if she finds a suitcase full of cash, she’ll call the police and hope no one claims it.

The hot guy is free, so she makes her move, but she isn’t a homewrecker. The dog needs a bath and the neighbor kid needs $5.00.

The local trade school is having a sign-up deal, and the extra education means extra income, and the Ferrari isn’t out of reach – as long as it’s used.

The glass of water on the table will be drank, no matter how much or little is in it. It will hydrate her so she can go jogging on this cloudy day.

Where Are You?

You’re on a cryptocurrency website full of curiosity. Maybe you aren’t rich, but there’s an extra $10 in the bank. How about trying some harmless Dai or investing a little time in Pi?

Get brave and buy while the market is low. Get Coinbase and peruse the options. USDCoin looks pretty safe. Surely the spouse will see a $10 investment as acceptable.

The worst you can lose is $10, but the potential to gain is worth the wait. Look online for some advice and encouragement from like-minded souls.

If you’re an optimist let that enthusiasm lead the way, but don’t bet your life savings. Digital currency is a worthy investment, but it can be a slow ride.

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Capitalize On Opportunity

Take a chance with that $10. Invest in what is safe and stable. Take a chance with Chainlink. Don’t let skeptics hold you back. No one owns your dreams but you!

If you lock yourself away in self-loathing the future has no hope. Open your eyes and see that potential does exist. No, you won’t get rich overnight, but if you don’t give it a shot, it will never stand a chance.

Start your own free website. Write about those hopes and dreams. Envision a bright future. Don’t let hope elude you. Try meditation.

Let the world laugh. They laughed at Colonel Sanders, Donald Trump, Bitcoin, and Jesus. Colonel Sanders died in the throes of extreme wealth; Donald Trump rose from bankruptcy to billions to the presidency; Bitcoin is worth over $8000 per coin, and Jesus has his own religion.

Final Thoughts

So, where are you? What is your investability or investibility? Share those hopes and dreams and questions and answers in the comments below! Start living!

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16 Thoughts to “Personal Character Development – What Is Our Personal Investability?”

  1. “No one has the power to define your worth but you” – Absolute words to live by, I love this quote!

    I had a bit of a chuckle whilst reading this post, I am definitely a classic “Optimist” but my goodness, it’s amazing to think about how many “Pessimists” I know. Quite sad that a lot of people live thinking this way…

    You’re 100% right though, potential does exist. It’s all around us, we just need to open our eyes.


    1. Thank you for the kind words, Kiara! I’m glad you got a chuckle! 🙂

  2. Lee

    Wow very interesting post. U think I would be in the realist category but desire to start my own business and the thought of building something big from nothing energises me to succeed. This really has made me think about myself and see things differently. Thank you for this.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Lee. I hope you are thinking happy thoughts!

  3. Tom

    Very interesting read. Throughout it, I am trying to determine my self assessment. I came to the conclusion that I am a combination of an optimist, a realist, and an opportunist, as I show traits of all 3. The interesting aspect is that we have it within ourselves to improve ourselves, or at least change ourselves for the better. It is a matter of choice. Thank you for this thought provoking article. Tom

    1. Thank you for the comment, Tom. I appreciate the kind words. Best wishes!

  4. Steve

    I pretty much fall into the realist category, maybe leaning toward optimism. I have heard a lot of Bitcoin, but have not dabbled in it at all. There has been a lot of news about Bitcoin, not always positive so I have been wary of diving in. I feel like there is a lot of risk, but maybe that is not the case.

    1. Hi Steve. Thank you for the comment. There are plenty of options besides Bitcoin, but there’s no point in stressing. Best wishes!

  5. Great article.
    I like personal development articles.
    I think I am more on the optimistic side due to that I am always positive about everything so I can relate.
    I have never tried bitcoin by I do trading online which is getting better because of my optimistic attitude to keep learning until it works.

    1. Great, Thabo! Thanks for stopping by. I wish you the best with your online trading. If you care to leave any advice, stop back at any time. 🙂

  6. Hey Cathy Interesting read
    Lots of choices I can relate too, and to be honest, I have been probably all of the above at some time in my sleeping unawareness, a lot of gratitude overwhelms me and slams me back to the realness of reality, with more love than ever. I will bookmark your site and comeback for a another read and possibly have a in depth study into the online currency, easy navigation and easy reading thank you

    1. Hello Erika, thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. 🙂

  7. I have traits of all of the above personality types. Luckily, the one I am seeing less of is the pessermist. The world is full of contrast. there is up and down, black and white, left and right, and light and dark everywhere. We need the contrast to learn more about ourselves, about how we think and then react when faced with different situations. All in all, life is pretty good and I am enjoying the journey.
    Crypto currencies are something I currently do not know much about, but I see the potential. I’m sure I will learn more as I go through more of your website.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comment, Andrew! Your words are very true. I wish you the best on your journey of learning. 🙂

  8. Kay

    This is such a great topic and resonates with me greatly! I am an EXTREME realist and I find myself being bothered by others who aren’t. I don’t understand how they don’t “see the light” if you will LOL I love this.

    I am also a person who loves to capitalize on any and all opportunities that are presented to me. You are absolutely right.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Kay! I don’t really understand non-realists, either. 🙂

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