Wealthy Affiliate 2020 – Free Training And Websites!

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Is Wealthy Affiliate 2020 a new altcoin? The latest cryptobank? A new exchange platform? No. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that offers you free training, two free websites, and a host of support in learning an online income that you can use to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Skeptical? I don’t blame you. I was at first, also. Some people are just too easily scammed, too gullible, always looking for the best in everything. Happily, I actually found something worthy of my investment. And I was able to start for free and STAY free for as long as I wanted!

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You don’t have to invent or manufacture any new product, although you certainly may if that’s your desire. You don’t peddle anything. No fortune in resources is required. You don’t need an office, although some people find it helpful.

Imagine, if this isn’t already true, having your own free website (or two). Every week you write two or more articles (blogs) on the niche topic you’ve chosen. I chose cryptocurrency for beginners.

Not everyone will share your enthusiasm. They might even roll their eyes and ask what you’re wasting your time and resources on now. They’ll tell you it’s overdone or that you lack the skill or drive. You don’t lack anything except the know-how, and when you’ve finished this article, you’ll know enough to get started. For free.

After your website is set up and you’ve started leaving content (articles/blogs), you’ll be getting traffic, which is visitors to your website. Readers like you are to mine!

Next, you’ll start adding relevant affiliate marketing links to your articles and sidebars. People will realize you are smart and they’ll want to look into what you’ve linked to, especially if you’ve written a review of it! When people actually buy something from the site your link sent them to, YOU will get a commission!

Affiliate marketing gets no one rich quick unless you’re already famous and everyone wants to do your bidding. However, there are people who end up racking up the riches as time goes on. I know this for a fact because I know some of them.

Am I rich yet? Ha! No, I’m not. Affiliate marketing is a long-term commitment. Don’t let that dissuade you. Please keep reading.

Wealthy Affiliate

The Free Stuff

In essence, everything you truly need is offered for free and remains free. IF and only IF you decide to go Premium, will you ever be asked for payment information.

Free training. Learn all the basics for free. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) isn’t going to leave you stranded. The owners have been there/done that, and they are willing to help you get the ball rolling for yourself – free of charge!

Learn how to set up your website, how to write and post blogs/articles/reviews, how to find and add affiliate links and banners, and how to use site settings for maximum search engine results.

Two free websites. You only need one, but they gladly offer two. They walk you through the process of setting up your free website and getting started. What if you screw up? Like just about all website administrators/owners ever?

Free website backups. For when all Heck breaks loose!

Community Support. Thousands of people belong to WA and they all have something to say; some more than others. Have a question? Just ask. Want to share your success story with a community that is truly happy for you? Write a blog.

Premium Enhancements

If all that good stuff is free, why bother to go Premium? There is no way I would have shelled out the premium price if I hadn’t gotten to try for free. After all, it’s a bit pricey, but here’s why.

Extensive Training. The amount of training you can take more than triples with Premium. Plus, people add to it daily. It’s pretty much unending.

Outstanding website support. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 365 days a year! Need help installing that code for the affiliate program? Did you accidentally delete your newest article? Ask site support. You wouldn’t believe how bad this website would suck without the Site Support staff of Wealthy Affiliate.

Access to the Owners. Kyle and Carson founded Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and are very active in their program. Unlike owners of some training sites and MLMs, these guys are very visible and don’t try to hide behind layers of red tape and research. Want to ask one of them a question? As busy as they are, most people hear back from them soon!

Private messaging. Send other members private messages like on other social media platforms.

TWENTY-FIVE websites. You read that correctly! Twenty-five (25) websites!! Who needs that many? You’ll be glad to know that they’re all fully loaded against malicious online attacks and protected with backups and the amazing WA Site Support!

What Do I Write About?

Pick a subject you enjoy. Suppose you’re a science buff. What part of science is your favorite? Biology? What about biology? Ecosystems? Plants? Ferns? How ferns relate to the elephant population in Asia?

Narrow it down. The narrower your niche, the easier you’ll be to find when you are set up for SEO, search engine optimization. Now studying for science can not only be fun, but you can say you do it for a living!

“Sam! What are those twelve books from Amazon for?!” “They’re for my job, Sweetie! Tax write-offs!”

Photography of PlantsGray Scissors on Dry LeavesView of Elephant in WaterSelective Focus Close-up Photo of Brown Wilson Pigskin Football on Green Grass

Other Niches

Go from this large topic to this narrow niche:

  • Cooking to deep-frying
  • Baking to old-style
  • Soccer to kicking exercises
  • Fashion to dresses for elders
  • Essential oils to recipes with frankincense
  • Cinema to silent horror
  • Exercise equipment to used treadmills
  • Recycling to reusing plastic bottles
  • Antiquing to oak furnishings from Russia
  • American Indian culture to modern Cherokee lifestyles

You get it now! Yay! Why didn’t I mention going from cryptocurrencies to XRP? Well, that’s a given, right? I don’t want you to think this fun is only for us cryptophiles! (That’s another one of my new words).

There’s no time like the present for a free website! Check out Wealthy Affiliate for free and let me know what you think! Add some great ideas! Hit us up in the comments below!


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8 Thoughts to “Wealthy Affiliate 2020 – Free Training And Websites!”

  1. One of the better Wealthy Affiliates reviews in a long time . I like how you made it easy and simple to understand regarding getting started and the difference between the free and premium memberships.
    Since I have been with Wealthy Affiliates my site has not ever been under attack from internet pirates unlike other hosting providers who are to remain nameless.This to me is the biggest plus with Wealthy Affiliates.

    Thanks for the share.

    1. Thank you very much, Erick! I appreciate your input. My sites have been safe from everyone except me, and Site Support even handles my screw-ups! Stop by any time!

  2. I thought your review of Wealthyaffiliate was quite thorough. You have an easy writing style that lets your reader glide through the article. Given the limitation of this type of article, I thought you answered many questions that someone new to the concept of affiliate marketing would probably have. But what I found the most relevant was your review’s emphasis on the free side of joining WA. I am a WA member myself and know the advantages of the community aspect of the program you get from being a paid member. I think the community, in addition to the different types of training offered, makes WA a great program. Your emphasis on joining WA for free with no need to join the monthly fee side of the program is a very good way to introduce a person to WA. I found that what you had to say about the upgraded for pay membership was a good tease (bad word but will use it anyway) to let your reader know was available if the free program worked for them. Good review.

    1. Thank you very much, Burton! I appreciate your comment. There are so many ways to present Wealthy Affiliate; I just want people to see that it’s completely risk-free and has so much to offer for beginners and those with more experience. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. Kylie

    Are you serious? Can I get a free website at Wealthy Affiliate? I’ve never heard that before. Is this a SCAM?

    But because of your post, just now I also searched and read some positive reviews about that website. But, maybe I still need a little confirmation of that website.

    What I read is that Wealthy Affiliate (often abbreviated as WA), is a website that contains Affiliate Marketing training programs, even for those who have no knowledge at all (like me). Is it true?

    Some of my coworkers also told me that if I wanted to end the rat race (work 9 to 5), I had to build a side hustle. And they say, can be achieved by learning affiliate marketing. Maybe they have a point, and maybe I’ll try to find out immediately and take action!

    Thanks Cattington, a post that makes my eyes open!

    1. Cattington

      Hello Kylie! Rest assured, WA is not a scam!! I try to convince people to just check it out for free. Nothing to lose! Best wishes! 🙂

  4. Paul

    Hey Cattington!

    Great post. I like your upbeat attitude. You say Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005. That’s pretty impressive, and it shows a real commitment to the business.

    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate, and how long did it take you to build this website?

    There are many companies out there that build websites in a few easy clicks, but the main problem with that is to get traffic to a website, isn’t it?

    How does the Wealthy Affiliate program help you get traffic to this website?

    I don’t imagine that they do all the work for you. 

    What is included in the training for getting traffic to your website?

    I like the concept and I want to look into it more closely.

    Does free for 1 week, really mean free?

    Thanks, Paul

    1. Cattington

      Hello Paul! I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 4 months. There is plenty of training on getting traffic, but it requires work! None of that get-rich-quick stuff here. And free really is FREE!! Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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