Who Controls Cryptocurrencies? – Ten Game-Changers In Crypto!

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So, who controls cryptocurrencies, you wonder? From Satoshi Nakamoto to the inquisitive newbie on Coinbase, people everywhere are controlling, manipulating, buying, selling, and hoarding cryptocurrencies.

The more you study something, the more you learn about the people involved in its creation, maintenance, and promotion. You also learn who wants to capitalize and who wants to destroy.

The following people are the men and women behind the names that dominate and control the wonders of cryptocurrency!

Satoshi Nakamoto

Where would cryptocurrencies be without the famed inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto? As almost everyone in the crypto world knows, this individual invented the first cryptocurrency – also known as the first decentralized digital currency -, Bitcoin, and the first blockchain.

For the longest time, Satoshi Nakamoto kept his identity secret. There were extreme reasons for this. I, for one, thought Satoshi was actually a group of developers. Well … here you go.

Oh wait, this guy is just another Faketoshi. I love that word.

Vitalik Buterin

Have you ever heard of a little blockchain called Ethereum? Vitalik is the big name behind it. Although he had help with it, Vitalik is given credit as its inventor. He remains a powerful influence in Ethereum.

Born in 1994, he earned the bronze medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics in 2012. In 2011 he became a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and wrote regular articles for it.

In late 2013 he wrote a white paper describing Ethereum.

For those of you who still think colleges and universities are all that, this young man is another college dropout, like Bill Gates and numerous other billionaires.

Despite dropping out of The University of Waterloo in 2014, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Basel in 2018.

Charles Lee

A former Google employee, Charlie Lee was inspired by Bitcoin but wanted something simpler. In 2011 he started Litecoin.

For four years, he worked as Director of Engineering at Coinbase. He left the online cryptocurrency exchange platform in 2017.

Currently, he works fulltime as the Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.

Perianne Boring

Although I don’t envy her last name, there is much to admire about this beautiful businesswoman, who was named the Top Woman In Bitcoin by Coinfilter.

She is the founder and president of the Chamber Of Digital Commerce, which represents the interests of the digital asset community in the USA. So they say. Not all people in the crypto community appreciate any form of government interference.

She has consistently pressed blockchain technology and the need for its legislation in the US House of Representatives.

Her popular blog, the Boring Bitcoin Report, is an industry leader. She has also hosted “Prime Interest”, a television show aired in over 100 countries.

Perianne Boring Talks Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and ...

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, one of the world’s leading online cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It’s the one I first used when learning about crypto.

He managed to glean his one billion dollar net worth from dealing with cryptocurrency. Still think it’s a scam?

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Tweets “Golden Words” to ...

Tyler Winklevoss

Another man who became a billionaire by investing in Bitcoin, Tyler is the Principal of Winklevoss Capital and the CEO of Gemini, a digital asset exchange known for its superior security.

Tyler and his twin brother, Cameron, are both Olympian rowers as well as Internet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.


Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis is the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and a proponent of non-government controlled digital currency. He is also the Chief Economist at Cypherpunk Holdings.

I’m fond of anything Cypherpunk that wants to evade governments’ micro-controlled structure over everything economical in the world. Can’t we buy anything at all without the government double taxing everything?

Jon has held senior positions at Visa International, Hushmail, Sumitomo Bank, and Verisign. He currently acts as an independent board director to companies in the Bitcoin, blockchain, mobile payments, and gaming sectors.

Keep a sharp eye on this man. We need more like him!

Stephan Tual

The former Chief Compliance Officer of Ethereum is an internationally recognized expert in smart contracts and decentralized blockchain applications.

Stephan is the founder of Atlas Neue, a company that creates and supports ventures in the blockchain. He also founded and acts as Chief Operating Officer of Slock.It.

Former Ethereum CCO Stephan Tual joins Slock.it Team

Arthur and Kathleen Breitman

Arthur and Kathleen Breitman founded Tezos, a promising altcoin that enjoyed an upward swing a short while back before deflating once more. It currently holds its own in the altcoin world.

Arthur’s background is in the fun anarcho-capitalist economy that believes in a free, self-regulating market where individuals are bound only by their own contracts. Kathleen, on the other hand, was more of an all-around liberal.

Arthur’s dream of a blockchain ledger was superseded by the launch of Ethereum. Indeed, he read the entire white paper on his honeymoon. Although Vitalik had beat him to the punch, Arthur still felt it could use improvement.

Nonetheless, Tezos met with success, but nowhere near that of Ethereum.

Tezos Fights Over ICO Millions

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Well, here we are at the end of another article. There are so many other names I could have included, but I didn’t want to get too carried away.

What are some names you think I should have covered? What did I get wrong? Feel free to share your opinions and questions in the comments below.

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12 Thoughts to “Who Controls Cryptocurrencies? – Ten Game-Changers In Crypto!”

  1. Parveen

    Hey, I enjoy a lot while learning and reading your article on cryptocurrency. I know little bit about cryptocurrency, Your article opened my eyes. You are doing awesome work for crypto lovers by sharing such useful info. Everyone want to know the founder about crypto. Your post is very helpful to know about the founders. Keep the grate work up. 

    1. Cattington

      Thank you very much for your kind words, Parveen!

  2. Dave Sweney

    This was a very informative and useful article on who controls cryptocurrencies and the ten game-changers perspective you chose to highlight was interesting. I learned quite a bit but will come back again, as there was a lot to absorb. Cryptocurrency is an investment that I have only gambled small amounts on as of now.

    I am interested in getting up to speed and increasing my presence and investment in cryptocurrency however and this is how I ended up on this post! Many people recommend staying away from the segment, but I see that it has a place and will continue to grow as more technological advances are made. It is a fitting means to complete transactions in this new world.

    1. Cattington

      Thank you for your comment, Dave. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I hope you come back and share more of your ideas and opinions. 🙂

  3. Travis

    I have always been a little curious about cryptocurrency. I have used it a couple of times, but it seems to be a waste of money, paying these programs to “mine”  the currency instead of just using your credit or debit card. Plus it seems like eventually, somebody will be able to hack these blockchains and steal your money.

    1. Cattington

      Hello Travis, and thank you for your comment. Crypto, for me, is more of an investment than a currency to spend, although you can do both. It’s no more hackable than a credit card. Actually, it’s safer. Most hardcore thieves would rather have your Visa card number than your crypto wallet address.

  4. Bob Lynch

    Wow!  Your article creates as many questions as it did answer questions. I learned more from reading your post than in the entire time I’ve been hearing about crypto currency.  My first question is, what do you know about Pi?  Someone I know is invested in that and waiting for it to explode, although it hasn’t yet.  What other insight can you provide to a novice like me who needs to learn as much as possible?  Thanks for your great post.  Keep up the good work  Take care.

    1. Cattington

      Hello, Bob! Thank you for reading my article and leaving a comment. I wrote an article about Pi a while back. I mine it. The developers regularly make polls on Twitter asking miners how many coins they think we should ultimately make and how many miners should there be. I’m not too sure about it, but in my opinion, it’s just a freebie coin that takes no effort to mine.

      My advice for any novice is to just hunt down articles about crypto and go the developer websites and do a bunch of reading. 🙂

  5. Paolo

    Hi! Thank you for this post! I hadn’t viewed crypto this way before. But now I see how crypto has influenced all one generation. There are a lot of young guys in important positions in the crypto world. And it’s also encouraging for all of us to venture into this new space. Very exciting post.

    1. Cattington

      Thank you for your comment, Paolo. I’m glad you found the article useful. 🙂

  6. Juan Saladin

    Essentially crypto-currencies are not just a tendency to be forgotten anytime soon. People’s ignorance is one of its greatest limitations, but people could become less ignorant with time (all of us are susceptible to be educated). 

    I used to understand that Satoshi Nakamoto was a name in a reference of an anonymous software developer behind BitCoin. Now I have a face to link the name to.

    After studying the references of these big fishes in the sea of Crypto-Currencies, I must admit I’ve been tempted to follow Perianne Boring and Jon Matonis for different reasons!

    Thanks for a very direct and concise post to let us know more about the Crypto-Currencies world.

    1. Cattington

      Thank you for stopping by, Juan, and leaving such a nice comment. It would definitely be wise to follow Perianne and Jon. Please come again and leave ideas or questions you may have.

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